What Are The Advantages of Buyer/Seller Representation?

To Protect Your Interests

First and foremost, representation is designed to protect your interests in a real estate transaction. Your agent works exclusively for you and your interests. Their agent works exclusively with their sellers/buyers and only for their best interests. It works best this way to ensure a fair and happy outcome for everyone. In short, representation makes the playing field as even as possible for everyone involved.

To Provide Context and Expertise

As a buyer, your agent has the resources to show you what a fair price in the current market is, based off of comparable situations. Your agent can share their expertise with you to ensure the timing is right for you. Furthermore, once they become familiar with your situation, they can caution you if the timing is off. 

To Get You The Best Deal

The most important part of any transaction is negotiation. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a skilled professional negotiating on your behalf that you trust and know is in your corner. Agents do this day-in and day-out, they know when to stand firm or walk away and what deal best suits your situation. 

A Steadying Hand

A great real estate professional will take out all the stress and headache of the buying or selling process. Real estate and property decisions should (and will) be nerve-racking, but they shouldn’t be stressful. At the end of the day, you should be excited at your new beginning, rather than fretting about what can go wrong.

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