3 Reasons Why Staging Your Home Is So Important

  • 3 months ago
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Staging helps homebuyers envision themselves in your space, which helps homes sell faster and oftentimes, for more. Staging also helps your home stand-out online and get people from the virtual tour to the open house. 

Here’s a further breakdown on the benefits of staging:

Emotional Attachment Appeals to the Buyer’s Emotions

Data shows staging makes it easier and more likely for homebuyers to develop an attachment to your house. It also has the added bonus of making property faults easier to overlook. Any person can get caught up on small details that aren’t important to the big picture. These two factors combined really help smooth out the process for buyers.

Faster Sales

Building off the last point. If a buyer becomes attached and falls in love with your home, it tends to hop off the market quicker! And if you nail the staging, it will be more than just one buyer!

Higher Sale Pricing

All the data we have shows that homes that are staged correctly can get a bump in sale price. This can range from 1-10%, which may not seem like a lot at first, but when you consider the amount homes can sell for… that can be up to an extra $100,000 in some extreme cases. 

A Little Goes A Long Way

The best part is that staging doesn’t have to be as intensive as you think! As long as you cover the kitchen, dining room, living room & master bedroom, you’ll connect with most buyers. That being said, it’s always nice if you can go the extra mile and stage the full home. It can make a difference.But, as previously mentioned, any little bit of staging does help. 


Keep in mind that not all staging is created equal. The main reason there is a discrepancy in the efficacy of staging is more diverse than it seems on the surface. Staging is a craft, and it takes a lot of expertise. The designer needs to know what needs to be done. Some properties may need a full makeover and styling, others are perfect as is and some will need only minor changes. This is where true expertise and know-how comes into play.

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