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Whether you’re renting, buying, or selling, our boutique approach towards real estate will have you and your family feeling comfortable, confident and prepared. Our boutique real estate team encompasses decades of experience and trustworthy connections to ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible. Unlike with solo real estate agents or with large real estate teams, our 2 on 1 customer-centric method means that you have the full attention of our two stars – Andrew Cain and Lowrey Cain, the Cain brothers. Andrew’s and Lowrey’s careers have been built on providing an unmatchable level of customer service, resulting in a buying experience that is a stress-free, enjoyable journey for each and every client.

With 25+ years of combined industry experience, Lowrey Cain and Andrew Cain have dealt with hundreds of unique situations and have worked with all types of buyers: from first time home buyers to growing families in need of adding multiple bedrooms, to folks that are retiring and looking to downsize. Our expertise will even come in handy if you are looking to invest in a precon project; iit is particularly important to have the right person representing you in this situation as the salesperson at the presentation centre has the condo builders’ best interest at mind!

Regardless of what your personal real estate needs are, our process for helping you make a successful property purchase remains similar at the core. At Cain Brothers Real Estate, we take this tried and true process and combine it with our personal approach to understanding and servicing our clients on a deeper level, and there you have our winning strategy. This process coupled with our customer-centric approach has resulted in hundreds of happy past clients. This has resulted in over 95% of our business coming from repeat clients, and several referrals that were made in confidence. 

A smooth real estate purchase requires the proper planning, a refined search, expert negotiations, the right connections, and most importantly complete transparency and integrity throughout the process. When working with the Cain Brothers on purchasing a property, you can expect to receive multiple services including:

  • A complete in-depth analysis of your personal needs. This will enable us to confidently curate a home search tailored to your individual requirements. The better we understand your specific needs, the better we can serve you!

  • Introduction to one of our preferred mortgage brokers. Having worked with several mortgage agencies, we will know which broker will best suit your needs. Working with the right mortgage broker is extremely important as they will be responsible for determining the budget for your real estate purchase.

  • Access to our rolodex of industry-wide connections. These connections may range from home inspectors, to lawyers, to handymen whom you may want to use at some point during or after your purchase.

  • Provide you with an overview of the current market conditions and an educated opinion on where the market will be in the near future; in any of the areas you are interested in buying.

  • We will hand pick properties that fit your requirements and schedule showings around your availability. The Cain Brothers will be there at your side showing you each of these properties to give you their industry leading feedback right away. 

  • An experienced hand will be negotiating the best possible price for you and your family. A thorough understanding of local market conditions, accompanied with decades of experience, will enable the Cain Brothers to secure your dream home at a fair price.

  • Connecting the dots. From organizing the paperwork for your offer, to ensuring your deposit gets submitted in time and any conditions are fulfilled, the Cain Brothers will be there to make sure you have everything in order to secure the property.

Not yet ready to begin the real estate buying process, but have a few questions? No problem! We welcome you to reach out to us anytime. We understand purchasing a home or investment property is a big decision for you and your family, one that should not be rushed. We are here by your side to provide you with current real estate market statistics and market insights until you are confident in taking the first step towards searching for that perfect home or investment property. 

Our site’s comprehensive search capabilities are here to entertain the curious-mind but please remember we are always here to help you when you are ready to make that first next step! To continue browsing current listings, click here.

Want to get to know more about the Cain Brothers? Read a little bit about Andrew and Lowrey here. They look forward to meeting you!

Interested in learning more about who we are and how we plan to make your buying process a one of a kind approach? We have prepared an absolutely free Real Estate Buyers Guide for you to further review what sets us apart. This guide also carefully outlines the details and requirements of each step of the buying process. Our Real Estate Buyer’s Guide is here to best prepare you for when that special time comes. Click here to download our free Buyers Guide. We look forward to working with you!

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