The Fall Real Estate Market is Fast Approaching!

How did you enjoy the last few weeks of the summer holidays?

Did you spend time at home? Take a trip up north? Take time to enjoy your favourite restaurant?

As we continue to get back to “normal” we are sure you took some time to enjoy the month of August doing the fun stuff before heading back to school or maybe even the office?

Our Monthly Market Stats for August accurately depict that! Overall, the number of transactions was down 19%. And, if you keep your eye on the market or you’re currently in the market, you would have noticed the lack of new inventory (down 43%). However, there is no need to fret – the average selling price is up almost 13%.

We get it! We all needed some time to rejuvenate before the fall real estate flood gates open up! 🍂 And we transition back to school and work!

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