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Posted by Lowrey on 6th May 2020
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Currently, we are used to being able to go anywhere and be entertained. Even as adults, we struggle to
deal with our downtime. We daydream about being home for a whole week with nowhere to go and

nothing to do but don’t know what to do when it happens. First, if you are in a quarantine whether it is self-
quarantine or a mandated quarantine, you should plan to be home for a minimum of two weeks. If you or

your family ends up sick, you will need to be home for as long as it takes to recover and recoup. To make
this time less stressful for everyone work as a team and we all may or know someone that may have a
teenager in the household that will have an attitude. Teenagers can be somewhat unpredictable now but
reminding them to keep their emotions in check will be worth your while. However, some adults have bad
attitudes and outlooks also that can make the situation more difficult. When this situation starts or
becomes apparent will be going on for a while, you would be wise to have a house meeting and discuss
what is expected out of everyone there. As the mandate quarantine has made a life disruption on battling
with emotions that we have never had to face.


1) Mandatory Wake Up Time: If teens can wake up on their own during school time. Set a time for non-
school time by setting a mandatory wake time: 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM. Give them one-hour to freshen up

for the day.
a. Set clear expectations around work in general, for example chores, picking up after one’s self,
personal hygiene, as well as homework.
b. When establishing rules and routines around chores, homework, etc., try to match your help with
what is most needed.
c. Establish “flexible times” for completion of work and post these times on the refrigerator.
What I mean by “flexible times” is to give your teenager a window of opportunity to complete
certain tasks.
2) School Work Block: Some high schools will use google classroom to retrieve their core teacher’s
assignment. Set a time block for 4 hours for the teen to do their assignments 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. The
schools are retrieving lessons plan from Khan Academy If your child
attending K-12th grade schools, the parent can create their own account for FREE and the parent can
develop their own lesson plan.

3) Collaborate with Your Teen: Consider working with them to develop a plan. Offer your advice and
allow them the space to develop a work plan that works for them. To avoid arguments, provide
constructive criticism to see if they can solve the problem themselves. This will make the teen feel
more grown up and respected.

4) Cooking and Free Time: Teens love to eat, and this is a great time to teach them how to cook.
Your teen can also make it their own dish. They may fuss their free time is being disturb, but this is a
good method for your teen to step away from using their technology such as, video games, phone,
and computer.
Letting your teenager loos in the kitchen is affording them a sense of autonomy that will set them in
very good position for the future. Sure, ovens are hot, and knives are sharp, and your kitchen will
look like a bombsite. But with a bit of guidance they’ll soon have the confidence to cook unaided in
the kitchen; however, don’t panic they will clean up too. It will also give you quality time with your
teen, and that’s got to be a good thing.

5) Time Management: Teens do not understand how to prioritize their work or time. Parents can help
improve this aspect of time management by talking with their teen about their priorities, like saying
getting logged in to the google classroom “You want to do well and at least get one assignment
turned in, so you can get the work assignment done, the earlier the better you can continue play the
video game”. Teach your teen to have an awareness of time. Some teenagers are just not adept at
paying attention to time and so are always running behind.

6) Alone Time: If your teenagers who are used to being alone for a few hours every day, you cannot
expect everyone to feel the same way as you. I know the “suck it up, buttercup” mentality is strong in
these situations, but crabby people in your home will create more stressful situations. Do not get
offended if someone asks to be left alone for a bit. Give them their space they will come around and
join in when they are ready. They will be happier afterward and you will be too.

7) Let your TEEN Decide: Do not be afraid! The whole point is to spend meaningful time with your
teenager. Let the decide what they would like to do if it’s within reason. You may learn something you
never knew about them or possibly even yourself. Give them control and go along with enthusiasm.

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